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4 Steps to Success


Set Expectations

  • STOP problem behaviors

  • Set solid boundaries

  • Create realistic goals


Align Agendas

  • Teach dogs what their people need

  • Teach people what their dogs need


Teach Skills

  • Set dog owners up for lifelong success

  • Set dogs up to be the best family members they can be


Enjoy Your Dog!

  • Celebrate, YOU did it!

  • Live your best life with your dream dog at your side

Pet Dog Training

I use the Training Between the Ears (TBTE) methods in all my training.


TBTE was developed by Mark McCabe and is a system that solves behavioral problems with a number of techniques that removing conflict from the dog/human relationship and training.


The training focuses on changing the dog's perspective and state of mind as opposed to managing them with tools or obedience.


It is TBTE’s goal to help a dog to prefer to behave in ways that are better for their happiness, emotional wellness, physical wellness, and success in their world. If the dog chooses to behave in these ways, all the behavioral issues are gone as well.

I work with puppies, adult dogs, dogs with anxiety, and dogs with aggression.

Training Resources


Free Facebook Group

This is a group for pet owners that want a little help here and there, but are not ready to commit to training yet. As well as pet owners who want to learn more about my training style.

In the group you'll find simple training videos, live Q&A, and some helpful tips and tricks.

Sleeping Dog

TBTE Affiliate Links

Do you want to kick start your training process and come to your first lesson already understanding how TBTE works and what to expect?

Or, do you want to learn more about TBTE from the source? I am an affiliate! Click below to learn about TBTE directly from Mark!


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