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Service Dog Training

I use the Training Between the Ears (TBTE) methods in all my training.


TBTE was developed by Mark McCabe and is a system that solves behavioral problems with a number of techniques that removing conflict from the dog/human relationship and training.


The training focuses on changing the dog's perspective and state of mind as opposed to managing them with tools or obedience.


It is TBTE’s goal to help a dog to prefer to behave in ways that are better for their happiness, emotional wellness, physical wellness, and success in their world. If the dog chooses to behave in these ways, all the behavioral issues are gone as well.

This is particularly beneficial for those of us who need service dogs. Service dogs need to do their job without needing constant management and supervision from their handlers.

I work with people who are training their own psychiatric service dogs. Mainly I work with people who need help training their autism or c(PTSD) service dogs.

Programs and Resources


Psychiatric Service Dog Program

This program covers everything you need to know from start to finish. It is a year-long and open to anyone with a dog 6 months or older.


Puppy Strong Foundations Program

This program is for service dog candidate puppies under 6 months old. It is 4 months long and will help give your puppy the strong foundations they need to be successful with their service dog training. 

Short and Specific Programs

These programs are shorter and geared towards more specific and narrow topics.

These are for you if you are doing well with training your own service dog but are stuck on just one or two little things.

New programs are being added all the time!


Free Facebook Group

This is a group for service dog handlers that want a little help here and there, but are not ready to commit to training yet. It is also for service dog handlers who want to learn more about my training style before they commit to training.

In the group you'll find simple training videos, live Q&A, and some helpful tips and tricks.

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